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1957 Walden Police Department

Front Row (left to right) John Santacroce, Townsend Cocks, Chief George Ward, and Louie Quick. Back Row (left to right) Ed Sutherland, Bob Kurtz, Sam Bells, Norm Owen, Austin Gould, and Herman "Slim" Clemens (photo courtesy of Rose Toombs)

Officer O'Donnell saves a chicken

Officers Montanaro and Kurtz are for the birds

Officers Trinidad, Collins, Dispatcher McClintock, Officers O'Donnell and Russnak

Hanging out at Walden Day 2003

Patrol car stolen and then crashed during pursuit

Fingerprint and photo area.

Walden Day 2002

Cells - Not comfortable at all.

Breath test area.

Officer Reed

Comparing latent prints

Officers Herlihy and Treco

Night-fire at range

Officer Reed

Night-fire at range

Officers Fabrizio and Trinidad

Night-fire at range

Officer O'Donnell

Night-fire at range

Dispatcher Ronk

Teaching this baby to "Take a bite out of crime"

Officer Anthony Tolve at the Orange County Police Memorial in Goshen, NY.